Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to become good at Maths? Part 1

I often get this question from parents and students especially those
preparing for a major public exam. I think this question should be
asked very much earlier in ones schooling life. There are several
things to consider when you want to improve your Maths. The most
important being 'practice'. There is no short cut to learning Maths.
It's a skill you need to develop over time. You need to invest your
time. Imagine the time spent practicing Maths as saving money for your
future. Every minute you spend practicing is like depositing a penny
into your savings account for your future. The results of your efforts
will show overtime as improvement in your grades. I suggest you spend
at least 20 minutes a day practicing Maths. You will see and feel the
effect this have on your confidence and ability to answer questions
over a period of 4 to 5 weeks. In my next post I will discuss exactly
what you need to do in those 20 minutes you have set aside to learn



VERY GGOOD>>>THANKS.....this tip is very useful..
in my first three tests,i got 4 marks out of 15 and after that,i got 14.5 out of 15...


day*dreamer said...

hey there

i am worst when it comes to maths and i fail in my high exam.

i am currently at college and my course does not involve much with maths

however in order to avoid rejection later in life i gonna start learning maths for knowledge sakes

please let me know how to start

many thanks

challengy said...

1st i go in my test 100%.this is because of the tip.

Anirban Das said...

ok i will follow this step frm now

chinkidexaliber said...

Thanks Pittan for this nice write up.But here is my opinion over the same.Its easier for a someone who has always been good at maths to say this,the problem arises when you have spent the majority of your schooling years trying to dodge the math bomb.
While its very crucial to "practice",as you said,but the issue is that most of the time its not clear to us what "practice" actually means.Is it writing a problem many times so that you develope a "muscle memory" or does that mean reading about the chapter first and then "trying" to solve some Qs after it.
My problem with maths was i always hated the subject for its different nature than other subjects,where learning simply meant memorizing facts and then presenting them in your style.But maths was rigid with no scope of creativity also it was painful to see other nerds of the class finish the problem even before i could think..maths is very much capable of giving you life long heartaches Pittan sir,you were the lucky one to tame the monster.

KVD said...

Thanks for your nice tip to become the best in maths.. i will follow your tip from now onwards

Pittan said...

Thanks KDV, I am now working a new website to help students with Maths revision. I will post the link once the website is redy. That's reason why I have not been posting anything for sometime.

Anonymous said...

I've been practicing this tip since grade7 and now I'm in gade10. It seems that it worked but this year mathematics are very difficult. I'm still passing my exams but my grades aren't very high as it used to be. What should I do? Thx.